How much do you get paid for donating blood

How much do you get paid for donating blood - Also take note that the fda has forbidden people who it considers to be at a high risk of hiv from donating at any price whatsoever, and would-be donors who admit to having had male-male sexual intercourse since 1977 are rejected on the basis that they "might have been exposed to hiv" - despite the fact that being at risk is not limited to any one sexual orientation. Generally agree with comments about concern over the unbalanced compensation, but when you're paying “full price” to receive blood, part of what you're paying for is the expensive testing the blood had to undergo, the special storage and transport, and the careers that require special training to be able to collect, test, and administer the blood. In addition to paid articles from sites like hubpages, helium and triond, and even paid letter-writing sites like letterrep and paid product review sites like epinions and reviewstream, paid forum posting is a particularly interesting concept from a writer's perspective. Donating too often can cause temporary physical weakness and exhaustion, and if it's done in the same place too frequently without enough time to rest up it can result in some scarring of veins around the withdrawl area.

How to Get Paid for Donating Plasma

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