How much does an online teacher make

How much does an author make - - candidates participate in a complimentary 3 week training/certification program which will require candidates to be online for 3 weeks with a face-to-face at the campus location for 1 day in the second week (typically mimics a class schedule of 6pm-10pm). For most courses, you just need to be able to use microsoft® office programs, send emails with attachments, participate in and moderate online forums, and access information online that you'll need to facilitate your course. Besides creating a curriculum, assigning homework, and setting up quizzes, online teachers have the additional challenge of organizing and tailoring their coursework to make it accessible and visually compelling to students accessing course materials remotely. Full-time faculty members who teach online courses at southern oregon university are compensated at standard rates, but they receive additional pay when teaching online courses causes them to exceed their normal course loads (www.