How much money can you make from donating blood

How much money can i make donating blood - "i left the conversation wondering whether bubba was an example of why other nations don't want to expose their citizens to the commercial plasma trade, and many make (increasingly unsuccessful) efforts to limit imports of commercial plasma from the united states. He says he was unhappy when he had been drinking too much to pass the protein level test, but claimed he later discovered, “if i swallow ketchup before going in i can pass any test they throw at me. Roughly 50 percent of american hemophiliacs contracted hiv from bad plasma-based pharmaceuticals (a much higher infection rate than that suffered by gay men at the time), making worldwide plasma medication hiv outbreaks the industry's most publicized scandal. That was when i saw an ad offering per plasma donation: blood money, or more specifically, payment for my time and any small pain involved in the process of having protein-rich plasma extracted from the blood.

How to Get Paid for Donating Plasma

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