How much money do apps make

How much money do authors make - Taking the same number and multiplying it by the number of apps an average developer creates, we get a sense of the revenues one can pull from going that way:What we see here is that while decent amounts of money can be made on an app, a hard-working developer on ios will be able to get a new car, while android and microsoft developers will be forced into the used car market if they plan to take those earnings on the road. The data in front of us, we can get a sense of how many apps the average developer creates and what kind of revenue a developer can expect from those apps, on average (granted, power laws dictate that a small number of developers will do extremely well while the vast majority will fail, but we're trying to look at averages here).  while the company does not break out revenue numbers on their apps, recent data in their financial filings seemed to indicate somewhere around 0 million in pay-outs to developers "over the last 12 months" and discussions with external research analysts put the number of downloaded apps from the google play store at around 48 billion, close to what apple has claimed. At the end of the day, the model for mobile apps is no different than any other of the past: whether it is gold in the yukon, websites in the 1990s, or app developers today, larger amounts of revenue will go to those who enable development than to those who are doing the development.

How Much Money Can You Make From Selling Apps On The App Store?

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