How much money do you get for donating plasma

How much money do you get for donating bone marrow - Is not really any different then giving blood except that after the blood and plasma has been separated and the plasma removed, they mix saline solution in with the remaining blood and put it back in to your vein,when that happens, i tend to get a little bit of a strange tasty in my mouth and get a bit colder but it only lasts for maybe a minute. I am a nurse and i used to do this for free at the hospital for which i worked but sometimes when i needed money i would go to the clinics i know that these clinics are fda-approved they are inspected regularly and it is just as safe as giving blood a blood bank or at a hospital. You don't get paid for your plasma you get paid for your time and i live in gainesville so when i go to the plasma center the very first time it took me 3 hours because there was a lot of paperwork and a lot of fda and medical exams to do. If you donate blood then you can not donate plasma and the first donation is a 3 1/2 hr process and you get paid on your first time and no you have to be 18 even with a parents ok they still will not let you been doing it for 7 years now so.

How to Get Paid for Donating Plasma

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