How much money is it to publish a book

How much money to publish a book - Once a writer finds a quality editor (absolutely necessary but not as easy as one would think), a quality cover designer (if they don't have the tools or the time to do this on their own) and either learns how to format on their own (truly not as hard to do as most think – i learned, and that's saying something lol) finding an affordable and reliable way to produce a book is totally possible. Suppose there might be a disparity related to genre (i write mostly in the sci-fifantasy genre), but your “1000+ quotes” are more than double (in some cases more than triple, when factoring for size) every quote i've ever gotten for my books, except for one guy who lives in manhattan and factors in the expense of being within easy commuting distance of several big-5 offices (and his costs were still below your quotes). You can spend a boat load of money hiring a professional chef to cook for you (expensive professional editor), or you can attempt to cook an awesome meal from scratch with no help and produce a lesser quality meal (not hiring an editor at all), or you can go eat at a culinary school and get a really good meal for a fraction of the price (this is my suggestion). 's very helpful to have everything laid out like this and explained the way it has been here but some of the costs mentioned seem pretty steep to me as we include editing, design, formatting, a pre-print run of 50-200 books and a bit of publicizing in our packages (£350-750) but i suppose english costs are lower and it's cheaper for us as we do it all in-house.

How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Book?

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