How to become a property investor with no money

How to become a property investor with no money - If you are ready to get started on the path to personal and financial freedom, visit our online store where you can choose from books and courses that are the very best available to teach you the secrets of investing in real estate without credit and without putting your own money down. I have not bought my first home yet, and would like to have an investment property for at least a good 6 months to a year so that i have more income in order to purchase a home that would fit the needs of my large family. In a recent report highlighting islands where property prices have remained resilient during the global economic crisis – and which offer outstanding long-term investment potential – the channel islands came close to the top, along with the likes of the bahamas and the british virgin islands. Look for young professionals as tenants “if you are pursuing a high-income investment strategy as a means of building a £1 million portfolio, the best tactic is to invest in premium-quality, low-cost shared accommodation for working professionals,” says steve bolton of platinum property partners.

How To Become A Property Developer

3 pieces of advice on how to become a property developer. If you dream of making money from property development then this ...