How to build a landing page for free

How to make a free landing page - This page is generally more effective than anything you send them that they have to leave the page, go to their inbox, get the mail, and then take action to do simply because the amount of work they have to take right from the thank you page is much less than taking action from an email you send. When you break the habit of what people are used to seeing when they get to landing pages by using things like a two step opt-in they are more likely to pay attention to see what is going on and less likely to think that this is just another page i need to put my email into. If someone is browsing a landing page for a demo of your product or service, they're more likely to give you their personal information to help customize that demo, but if they are just browsing a landing page for a less valuable content offer, they might not be as willing to hand over personal details. You're building a landing page for a new lead or an existing lead or customer, the end goal is the same: to capture your lead's interest in something you have to offer and use this opportunity to nurture them further down the marketing funnel towards the next sale.

Create Free Landing Page 2016

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