How to buy and sell a business

How to buy a business - Ha, that's all i can say, this was just so well written and really connected to it as it's so in line with our own vision at demio (aiming for a business that affords great profits, but also the balance in lifestyle without needing to focus on “unicorn” status). You've got to find the right buyer, sell them on the idea that they can grow the business, have all your documents in order, know your numbers inside out, and make sure your product is ready to be acquired. Business may get to the point when you've got the playbook figure out and you have the machine running and you're scaling, and you want to add a new aspect to the business to grow it even further. For example, we could have acquired an accounting software business with similar customers to hubstaff which would have given us (1) another product to drive revenue and (2) a new group of customers already paying for a product.

How To Make Money Buying And Selling Businesses: Tai Lopez On Purchasing Pre-existing Assets

Disclaimer: Results May Vary Everyone will tell you that you have to start businesses from scratch. They don't get the full story.