How to buy and sell on ebay for profit

How to buy and sell currency for profit - Is not a troll question, i promise — but i”m new here, and i'm wondering this: once you duplicate and essentially “flip” or “rehab” a cruddy listing to 10x the sales, does the seller with the lackluster listing not just copy and paste your same listing content and photos, and do better than you due to their existing customer base (however feeble)? Off per unit, i can sell x number of units more for you per month”, or “i am starting to do a lot more volume with you, do you think we could talk about lowering the product or shipping prices in order to account for these recent bulk orders”. For instance i looked into selling led lighting that attaches to the sides of buildings, and the margins looked great, but the moq ended up being somewhere around ,000 of lights due to the purpose of the item (to run down entire high rise buildings). This seller can generate decent sales with a listing looking like that, my head starts spinning when i begin imagining how much better-converting of a listing description i can create for the same product and generate much more sales than this seller does!