How to create a landing page for website

How to create a good landing page - @bryan, you are right with have the same look and feel for the page as the rest of the website to reduce bounce rate, but creating individual landing page that don't necessarily match the website's look and feel is also important when running ppc or social media campaigns where the sole-focus is on generating more leads or even have users make a purchase quicker without other fluff that may be distracting. Breaking long pages into multiple ones is good, but the example you gave of the group on, it looks a bit useless to ask city on a page, email id on another page and then name on the last page and finish the form… those things can easily be put on a single page. Form that asks for a phone number will be turned down more often than not, and if that form is on the landing page then it has even less of a chance, after all, how many people will trust you with their phone numbers on a first visit? But hopefully, at least some percentage of your visitors will be ready to buy as soon as they arrive on your landing page, either because the email or link that brought them there already persuaded them, or because it's not their first time visiting the page.

Wordpress Web Design Tutorial: Create a frickin awesome landing page without buying software

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