How to create a residual income

How to create residual income - Network marketing or direct sales rep's income from her direct customers when they reorder product every monthan aerobics instructor who produces a video and sells it at the gyms where she teachesa marketing consultant who creates a workbook and sells it in e-book format on the interneta photographer who makes his photos available through a stock photography clearinghouse and gets paid a royalty whenever someone buys one of his imagesa restaurant or retail owner who has grown to the point of hiring a trustworthy manageras you can see, there are many different ways to generate residual income across a wide variety of businesses. Some examples of leveraged income include:an e-book author selling her e-book through affiliates who promote the producta network marketer who builds a downline and receives commissions on the sales made by people in his downlinea general contractor who makes a profit margin on the work done by sub-contractorsfranchising your business model to other entrepreneurs (the ultimate leveraged income)again, there are many different models in many different businesses. You can raise your prices, but until you can remove yourself from being directly involved in doing the work that generates the income, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can earn, and it can only increase very slowly. , who blogs at smart passive income and discusses his secrets at the smart passive income podcast, defines passive income as “building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automations that allow transactions, cash flow and growth without requiring a real-time presence.

TOP 3 WAYS to Create Passive Income - Best Residual Income Ideas so You Can QUIT YOUR JOB

Passive Income Opportunities - 3 top ways to create passive income or residual income! These are the 3 best ways to earn ...