How to create a successful magazine

How to establish a magazine - The end, the major choices you'll make in your business plan are how often your magazine will be published; whether your circulation is paid, controlled or a combination of the two (paid circulation comes from newsstand and subscription sales, while controlled circulation refers to copies given to a targeted audience for free); the total circulation number, including the copies you'll print and your projected sell-through rates; mechanical costs, including paper, printing and postage; subscription and single-copy sale prices; advertising rates; and your team members, whose strengths should complement your weaknesses. So after you've decided what your magazine's going to look like and you've developed a prototype, after you understand the niche you're serving and who your competition is, and after you've developed a unique mission statement that distinguishes your publication from all the rest, get consumers' opinions by holding a series of focus groups. You've got to have a good editorial team that understands the industry or market, an experienced sales organization to sell pages of advertising, a circulation director who's knowledgeable about subscriber acquisition and retention, and a good financial person who understands magazine accounting. Whether through newsstand sales, which rely a lot on magazine covers to attract buyers, or internet/direct mail/other subscription acquisition efforts you use, you have to know the hot buttons that appeal to your specific audience that will make them buy.

EPP 006: How To Create A Successful Digital Magazine With Nathan Chan from Foundr

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