How to do ad posting

What is ad posting how to do ad posting - Know you would disagree on honest opinions,,,i agree cause i have experience,,,right now i work for a post ads company,,,i make tons of money,,,,it's much easier using a software to post ads for you in 600 cities,,,and create a squeeze page and capture leads,,,,,posting ads is fun and very easy to do,,,,alexa you have to give it another try. I did i'm pretty sure the whole thing would work like this:I would go around spamming places like youtube, facebook, craigslist, and blogs telling people how they could make hundreds of dollars per day posting ads. Consensus of my research is to run far and fast if anyone ever tells you that you can get rich (or even earn extra spending money) from posting ads. Perhaps the only way to really make money from posting ads is by offering your services to potential clients through a site like elance or fiverr.

Ad Posting Demo

Step by Step Instructions to Post Ads.