How to earn money by typing

Earn money by typing words - I'am flexible in any given situation, patient and more than willing to learn more ideas, i believe that i can deliver what ever my clients will be asking me to do, given the chance to be part of the team will really make a difference on my growth as a virtual assistant representative. Would like a job and am a senior typist and am ready to agree to your terms and conditions as soon as you offer me a typing job and an available 24/7 and even though its not about typing' am ready to do it online. Like all pipedreams, this one comes with a catch: it turns out everyone on the planet with good typing skills, and their sister and mother-in-law, also decided remote transcription is the perfect opportunity—which is why these jobs are so scarce and in demand. , i am wondering if there's a job here that provides at home tasks involving microsoft word or anything typing related, i want to know if there's a job like that so that i can be more independent.