How to earn money fast on virtual families 2

How to earn extra money while unemployed - ( note for ipad/ipod/or iphone only) to get a lot of moneyand food: have one of your people watch tv and another take a shower exit the app go to your settings go to the general part in your setting go to date and time settings change the date back 10 years go back and open the app shake your device exit app go back and change the date to the original date go back to the appand you should have more money in your bank and more food in your bank (note that if your people are between the years of 50 to 60 or a little young than 50 i wouldnt try this because they might die the first time i did this the mother was still holding the baby after i was done he was 4 years old the second time i did this he went from being 4 to being 11 so be careful you dont want your people to die unles at least one of their kids has gone off to college). . in this section are also four extras that are available for purchase: (1) a brokerage account which will increase the interest rate you earn on your coins; (2) a food club which will automatically deliver groceries to your family and give you a discount on groceries in the store; (3) a health plan that will give you a permanent discount on all medical items purchased in the store; and (4) a lucky rock which will increase the rate and rarity of collectibles that appear in the yard. New collectibles will appear in the yard and there are new trophies to earn, new jobs for your little folks, and a ton of furnishings and accessories that can be purchased in the store, which has gone from a single screen place that sold groceries, medicines, and the occasional other item to a multi-screen bonanza that covers furnishings, appliances, food, medicine, behaviors, decorations, renovations, and much, much more. 1 free pre-ordered fish tycoon lite last day of work, llc 1 free fish tycoon -- grow and breed virtual fish in real time on your android device 1 free pre-ordered san francisco zoo last day of work, llc 1 free the official app of the san francisco zoo and gardens 1 free pre-ordered virtual villagers 4 last day of work, llc 1 r.


Hey guys ! Here's a quick money cheat for virtual families 2 . Need more coins ? Here ya go ! You should get at least 300 coins ...