How to earn money quick on virtual families 2

How to earn money on internet - #2 all the items each family bought should be gone when they are however, the families don't live long enough and the reservations are way to expensive you have to get past over 60 new families before the newer generations can even enjoy themselves and save money. I have a some suggestions: #1 is to allow the beginning families to have some more choices for fun, they work hard but have nothing to do for fun and it would be nice if you could make the items more affordable for them. If you play Virtual Families 2, and you see a house expansion you want, and it's 34, and you only have , this is a quick easy way to earn money. Now, when you log back into the game, you will see that you have all the money made by your adoptee in their lifetime deposited to your bank!

Virtual Families 2 Money Cheat | CuteGirl Gaming

Steps: 1. Make your person work on career 2. Praise three times 3. Do that three times 4. Go to date and time and set to 5 hours ...