How to earn more money on tapped out

How to earn more money on tapped out - Tip: when you have more than 0,000 in your cash account in the game the odds of the scratch-r-ticket and the daily prize mystery box delivering a donut prize climb to much higher than equal chance - so you may want to work on banking 0,000 and then keeping that as your minimum balance in order to ensure that you have a steady supply of donuts coming in! Have to buy these with real money (they can rarely be found through other means, but see below for more information on this) and they can then be used to purchase exclusive characters and speed up your advancement through the game (apparently because they have been given super powers by the nuclear plant's radiation! - where to find free donuts- harvesting houses for moneybefore you jump head-first into the game you should become familiar with the nature of the in-game money that is used to grease the wheels and save time as well as being required in order to buy pretty much everything.  believe it or not, there will be a point in the game when it all seems to get easier and you begin to build up more than enough money to do what you need, and believe it or not this can be accomplished with out house farming.

The Simpsons Tapped Out: Money Making Hints & Tips

TO ALL WHO ARE COMMENTING ON THIS VIDEO AT THE MOMENT You seem to miss 2 key points here: 1) This isn't a cheat ...