How to find a job in japan as a foreigner

How to find a job as a highschool student - This will allow you to obtain a work visa, and while you are teaching you will have time to improve your japanese, which will make you a much more attractive candidate for future employment. Executive training programme (etp)if you are from a european union member nation, the eu etp  offers you the opportunity to apply for 18 months of training and work in japan. Those japanese employers or colleagues with whom you can develop personal relationships are far more likely to hire you, and even more importantly, to sponsor your work visa. Terms of job opportunities, japan's fast growing neighbors such as china are more likely to produce large numbers of jobs for foreign workers in the coming decade.

Finding non-English teaching jobs in Japan 外国人の職探し (インタビュー)

I asked Chris ( about his non-English teaching jobs in Japan and how he got them, and he ...