How to get free money

How to get free money - Valuing our deposits so trivially, without coming out and admitting it, these three big banks are essentially saying to us that they don't want our money, that they can't use any more of it and that we should give it to a bank willing to pay us more for it. Then there are the reforms that no one is talking about — for instance, paying depositors more for their money or changing the way bankers, traders and executives are compensated to reward prudent, ethical and moral behavior instead of risky behavior. The difference between what banks pay depositors for use of their money and what banks charge borrowers to get this money is known as “the spread,” and forms much of what becomes the extraordinary profits described above. The banks, in turn, take our deposits and lend that money to people and businesses all over the world that want it, or need it, and are willing to pay a fair price to get it.


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