How to get into translation work

How to get into translation work - There might be a few translators who will tell you otherwise, but i don't believe its easy to start out in this business, especially if you are not moving from a job within the industry (such as from being project manager for a translation agency, or an in-house translator for a non-translation industry firm) or if you cannot capitalize on previously working in a specialized field (such as specializing in legal translations after being a lawyer, or financial translations after being a banker). Unfortunate, of course, because simply knowing how to use these tools or simply owning the tool has absolutely no bearing on your capacity as a translator (i am sure there are even some translators who might argue that these tools are detrimental to quality, but i digress) i am certainly not advocating any such purchase on your part, but you limit the source of work without those skills. I've assessed my abilities and motivation and i have taken a few actions to build (hopefully) solid foundations for my freelance business: taking company management and translation courses, studying the appropriate books, building my website, doing volunteer and free work – around 30,000 words when i'm done with my current task – and contacting clients, software companies or translation agencies alike. Although most full-time jobs within translation agencies will be related to project management or sales and not translation per se, such positions are a good opportunity to see what agencies are looking for in translators, how the industry works, and how to be be a really professional translator.

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