How to get lots of money

How to get a lot of money - The great thing about getting my credits from iron and plutonium is that i don't have to go looking for resources; wherever i go while i am searching for drop pods, there's lots of iron and plutonium. Lots of iron and plutonium, crafting bypass chips, and selling those to the vendor is the most efficient way to make money in no man's sky, at least through the early and middle portions of the game. A lot of money is a means to an end, and that end is escaping from the restrictions that no man's sky places on the player at the start of the game. I have played about 12 hours of no man's sky so far, and i have expanded my inventory from the initial 12 slots to 40, at a total cost of around 4 million credits.

5 Ways to Make A LOT OF MONEY! (NO JOB)

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