How to get paid as a blogger

How to get paid as a writer - Ñol: obtener un empleo como escritor de blogs pagado, italiano: ottenere un lavoro retribuito come blogger, русский: стать оплачиваемым блоггером, português: conseguir um trabalho pago de blogger, français: obtenir un emploi de blogueur rémunéré, bahasa indonesia: mendapat pekerjaan sebagai blogger, deutsch: einen bezahlten job als blogger bekommen. The whole, ads -- including privately purchased ads, network ads and affiliate ads that generate revenue through amazon and from sales of other bloggers' e-books -- account for probably half the revenue. Involving yourself in the blogging community and engaging in online discussions about blog posts and blogging can help you develop relationships with bloggers who may eventually connect you with paid blogging jobs. Requester (buyer) will pay you a certain amount for the number of words you write, and you get to keep 81% of whatever they paid for the article, payable via paypal.

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HI FRIENDS! Since making this series over a year ago, a lot of things has changed. Since I know a ton of you find me through this ...