How to get paid to write a blog

How to get paid for writing a blog - I love blogging, that's the reason most of my income still comes from instructional design, elearning using rapid development software tools, writing and editing training video scripts, and book royalties (from my own book and numerous academic textbooks i have written): the amount i make from blogging just can't hold a candle to the instructional design and textbook rates. Talking with writers who do this sort of thing, the ones i've found where it worked best is where they have a different business they are promoting on examiner or ezines or similar site — so they're airing their expertise in the articles, which then makes clients hire them to be their business consultant, animal trainer, lawyer, or whatever. So many businesses have just hit the point where they realize they could use a blog to grow their business…and they also realize they are never going to have the time and/or skill to create compelling blog posts on a regular basis in addition to all their other responsibilities at their business. I think too many hitch their star to the blog-monetizing wagon and aren't ever going to earn well from that, or maybe it'll take a couple years to get there at least…but meanwhile, they could write for others and pay some bills, if they seek out decent-paying blog gigs.

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