How to get payza prepaid card

How to order payza prepaid card - 's a great question and we have all the answers you need in this blog article we published on this very topic:Here you will learn about fees for credit card and bank account deposits; we explain how you can avoid fees by choosing one deposit option over another. You would like your own card, just log in to your payza account, click on “my payza account – main menu” and select “prepaid card (payza issued)” to order your card today or to get more information about the card including the terms and conditions. Kolawole, unfortunately the payza prepaid card is not available in nigeria right now, we're working to make the card available to as many people and places as possible so keep checking back to see if it available in your country. If you bad credit or no credit history at all, you may not be qualified for a credit card, but you are still eligible for a prepaid card, because funds are not being lent to you, you provide them yourself.

How to order a Payza Debit Card online

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