How to get started in investing

How to start investing in shares - Often, the stocks with the highest growth potential won't fit neatly into any one category, but even once the investing public starts to notice them and bids up their shares to what can appear to be extremely expensive levels, choosing the right stocks can leave you with opportunities for future gains. With full respect for the fact that you may be juggling the rent along with student loan payments and the need to eat something other than ramen, the investing spoils indeed go to the young. Value investing involves finding underappreciated stocks whose prices are at a discount to the true intrinsic value of the underlying business, and well-known investors like warren buffett have used value-investing tenets to produce strong returns. The goal of investing is to make your money grow faster than it would in a typical bank account (especially since savings accounts barely spit out a little more than 0% interest now).

Investing For Beginners | Advice On How To Get Started

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