How to live cheap in vancouver

How to live in vancouver - The video above explains a lot, but before we get ahead of ourselves we thought we'd reach out to them to dig a little deeper and find out what it's actually like to live in such a confined space year round. Baby boomers can afford the costs in upper-class areas because they are "downsizing," while the affluent, often dual-income, members of generation x and y are willing to pay more for housing within the city limits in order to live in "hipper" communities. Of course, that's the stereotype of a minimum-wage earner: a pimply teen flipping burgers so he can buy video games, see a fill-in-the-blank-blockbuster for the third time, and persuade someone with an id to get cheap beer for him on weekends. Toronto is too big and bustling for me, and not all that much cheaper, and i don't speak french well enough to work as a filmmaker in montreal (that's why i moved in the first place).