How to make a living as a musician

How to make a living as a blogger -  i also like to think that the road to truly doing what you want as a musician is the same road as in other professions- put the hard work in early on, do some things you don't want to do but know you should, and find more success down the road… at least that's how i imagine it playing out 🙂.  now, i do not want to bring him any shame because now he is definitely my biggest fan and has asked repeatedly for forgiveness (which i have said isn't even necessary because he was just being practical), but i want any other aspiring professional musician out there to know that parental support is not at all required. I sell records and songs, stream songs, sell cds and vinyl via my website and at shows, and then, outside of that, i also license music for film and tv, tour all over the world, sell t-shirts and other merch, etc…the stuff you'd expect a recording artist to do to make money.  and that very idea is why i left engineering – because i was miserable in that field even though i was very good at it, and i knew that if i could just make about k a year as a musician, i would be so much happier, and i would consider myself successful.

The Big Question: How To Make a Living In Music?

This is a response to a question from one of my viewers. This doesn't have an easy answer without talking about how money is ...