How to make a living from photography

How to make a quick buck - You can make by implementing this idea: if the question is how much money it's worth to get 20 shoots out of each client instead of just one shoot for each client, i think we can all see that this idea could be worth thousands of dollars and bring return customers for many years to come. Another note, adding my bit of information, i feel making money from your photography skills is a process that involves various steps like understanding the equipment and developing your skills, picking up a niche relevant to your skills, approaching people to get paid opportunities and project and financial management.  attach a couple baby pictures that you've taken and send a personalized email saying you enjoyed working with her, you would like to do the baby shoot, offer a discount, and mention a couple ideas you have for the shoot which make reference to the attached pictures. You're any good at photography (i'm sure you are, if you're following this site) and you take a lot of photos, there's a good chance that you've taken some really good ones by now, so good that people will buy them.

Making a living with Photography

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