How to make a lot of money at 18

How to make a lot of money at 17 - I hope this isn't too lengthy and the fact that i am female doesn't deter you from replying because i truly do think this is wise advice, for a man (although i don't believe all girls, or men, are the same; i would advise, though, for men to look deep within a woman when considering her as a mate because some women aren't feminazis and have true substance and character that is unique, and as much as money and hustle is important, so are the more existential aspects of life such as finding oneself, usually through the help of another…) thank you! It's taken me ten years, countless thousnads of wasted dollars, and several severe emotional wrecks to realize this: you find a decent looking woman who's pretty but doesn't know it, you find one who has strong family values and possibly has been brought up in a conservative environment and you train her how to be your wife – these desperate housewife type of bitches who glorify cheating, flings and lunchtime martinis make me sick, and the sooner men start rejecting them and not playing the game on their terms, the better. Who works so much, spend so much time at a meaningless job, trading is life away for more money, mever seeing his kids, never taking time to raise them properly, never take time to take care of his own health and never have the time and liberty to enjoy and build his life for the better just to make more bucks, thats someone who in my own opinion has money as his master. I did sense some hostility towards women, especially in regards to the sweeping statement of, ” tying yourself to one woman with a government enforced noose will do two things: turn you into a shell of a man and significantly reduce your income after she gets bored, divorces you so she can find herself, and papa government helps her finance it with your money.

How to Make Money as a Teenager

He is 17 and makes almost 0000 per year as a Junior-in High School! 3 teens -with 3 stories on how they are making a lot of ...