How to make a smartphone app

How to make apps for smartphones - Photo credits thomas northcut/photodisc/getty images suggest an article correction related searches more articles how to make money making android applications tricks & tips for a sales pitch over the phone my android apps are locking up can the droid access the same apps as the iphone? Beta version of the web site for app inventor for android went live from google labs with a video showing how easy it is to make apps, including a number of ideas for apps people can make themselves. "today, smartphones let us carry computing with us, have become central to servicing our communication and information needs, and have made the web part of all that we do. Warning the competition is fierce for smartphone apps, and people are most likely to purchase apps that are already popular because they show up on most frequently purchased lists.

How to #makeanapp in 25 min - For FREE!

Please Note: It has been more than two years since this tutorial went live. It is still valuable so we are leaving it live, but much has ...