How to make an ebook and sell it

How to sell an ebook - Flipped the funnel and instead of doing a ton of guest posting and article marketing to drive loads of traffic to my site (just speaking about the launch here), i gave away free copies of my ebook to key individuals who had a following already and asked them to sign up for the affiliate program and write up a quick post or email blast about it. What if i took those same 101 terms and instead wrote a couple of paragraphs about each – still enough to fill out an ebook, but not so complete that it would compete with a full-fledged book on the paranormal when i try to sell it later on. Far as what could be added to your list, i may get some disagreement here, but i say do not to try to call something of 10-20 pages an ebook as has also been done repeatedly over the years in internet marketing. , you have written a great ebook, it has a great cover design, you have priced it at the right level, and you have been marketing and publicising it online, but what are the chances of it making any money?