How to make good money doing hair

How to make money doing hair - A teacher at a brooklyn cosmetology school tells it like this:“the hardest decision a lot of us are making when we graduate is whether to go to a large salon and be stuck as an assistant for a sure-fire 2+ years (making *no* money, but maybe make great money in the future), versus going to a smaller salon and getting a chair in a few months but not ever being able to charge those ‘big bucks'… a lot of people enter this industry thinking that you get out of school and roll into some k/a year gig wearing your chuck taylors to work every day and it's just not the case. Am a cosmetology who is graduating soon and torn between going to a high up salon where i'll be an assistant for at least a year and going to a small salon where i will be given a chair after a couple of months.   i left hairdressing for a while to become a photographer (vogue gave me my first job), then i launched a clothing line which was successful in a number of top stores, but i felt it was too much work in addition to being in hair. 12 years old and i really wanna be a hair dresser plz email me i wanna get into research soon 800$ a week i can support my family real good ……hmmmm i can see it now nani's hiar heaven aha sounds like a plan.

advice on making money doing hair! (beginners)

hey loves im a hair braider for a living and i think this will be my last year doing it (fingers crossed), so i thought i would talk about ...