How to make good money serving tables

How to make money outside - : the finicky customer can be a pita (pain in the ass), but s/he can also be a great opportunity because the more finicky people are used to bad service and usually will recognize and reward good service. It's a running gag on cbs's hit sitcom the big bang theory that the character penny has been trying to make it big for years while working at the cheesecake factory to make ends meet. If i ever needed to make money quickly (say if my car broke down, which happened more than a few times in my college career), then all i had to do was pick up an extra shift. Of course, this will not necessarily apply to you (you should make more than most of them with the tips you learn in this book), but it should give you an idea of the general potential.

Waiting tables help from a retired server | how to make more money/tips in a restaurant or bar

I made a few videos about waiting tables that seemed to help people, so I decide to follow up with one more.