How to make good money teaching

How to make good money teaching - In addition to obviously decreasing the amount of money you earn from each student, this approach also fails for at least 2 important reasons:Lowering your guitar teaching rates makes your guitar lessons appear to be of lower quality (especially in the minds of those guitar students who are willing to pay more to receive higher quality guitar lessons and believe that "you get what you pay for"). You think that it's unethical or immoral for guitar teachers to want to earn a lot of money, then leave this page now…but if you want to learn how to add overwhelming musical value to the lives of your students and be rewarded generously for it in the process, then study all of the resources below. Such connection with your guitar students (and then following through and delivering in a big way on the promises you made) will go a long way towards helping your students become very loyal to you, continue studying guitar with you for years and help you make a lot more money in the process. Combining private guitar lessons with group classes and other innovative teaching formats will allow you to not only make a whole lot more money than you are making right now, but also to help your guitar students make much faster progress in ways that would be impossible to do in private lessons only.

The Business of Teaching - 3 - How to Sell - How to Make Money Teaching Online

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