How to make money as an artist

Best way to make money as an artist - There are many great websites that can help you accomplish either:Your own website: although you could certainly make money with your art without it, i highly recommend having your own website to showcase your portfolio whether or not you are just an amateur dabbling in selling & licensing art such as myself, or certainly if you are a professional who is looking to support themselves entirely with income from artworks. So (a) selling art is really hard and (b) making a living as an artist is even harder and (c) if you're going to make a living as an artist, you have to convince people to take interest in your art (hopefully to the point of buying it) at least as well as you can make it. So art schools don't talk about the survival aspects of being an artist, they offer precious little instruction in how to make enough money to survive and worst of all, they appear to discourage their graduates from venturing outside academically oriented realms to learn the practical kinds of survival techniques that work in the real world. : artists send out tons of these random requests to galleries and other art business professionals like myself, messages in bottles tossed onto the sea, believing that someone somewhere will ultimately respond-- perhaps the good fairy, perhaps the white knight, perhaps me-- and rescue them, and whoosh them away to fame, fortune and scrillions of dollars.

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