How to make money at 14 years old in uk

How to make money 14 year old - And i don't need money, my parents are able to buy me everything i need and a lot of the things i want actually… but i want to buy my clothes and shoes and things i need with my own money… i want to give my own offering at church… and i want to save up enough money for college (if i go or do it online) and for after i graduate (btw i graduate in 2 1/2 years around my 16th bday) even though my parents offered to pay for all of my needs… and i also want to stay debt free! Main problem is how to get money nobody can get money in these ways any more i'm 12 in a couple months ill turn 13 i think people needs to get there minds straight this list u were able to do in the 80's and 90's but that was because it was safer then and also reasonable. It's a good list and i know i should “suck it up and do it” as listed in all the comments i read, but most parents won't allow their kid to build on their own or at least help make a laser tag place. I mean vocal bass covers, for example my vocal range us a1-c4 and so i could cover all of avi kaplans parts in the group “pentatonix” and make money like that, is it possible to make around 1-3 hundred in a few months (2-6)?

How I Make Money As A 14 Year Old Teenager! 2017

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