How to make money from free apps

How to make money from apps - Other popular and effective in-app advertising app monetization tools that work best for free apps are amazon's ad system (that still pays per impression), an automation tool with predictive analytics tapjoy, appsfire that tries to choose ads that blend best with the apps design, startapp (that prioritizes ads and increases click-through rates), etc. Might approach a sponsor and make them an offer by telling them you have an app that has had several thousand downloads (which you can support with your analytics), and you can then offer to change the graphics to reflect the brand of the sponsor for a set fee. , there are few other options on how do free apps make money while being free to purchase:If you want to make money without ads, you can ensure users with a free application with some paid features that make the experience more advanced and unlock new facilities. This is an example where it is evident that consumers like to be able to have a choice as to whether they can access more fee-based features or not rather than being forced into the cost of mobile app with no free chance to test-drive the offering.

How Do Free Apps Make Money? 10 Ways To Do It

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