How to make money illegally

Illegal activities to make money - Paypal will protect you, remember: they give you 100% protection (as quoted every where on ebay) - as long as you post and get a tracking number the above idea works especially for mobile phones - but with some modification could work with cars and other things ok, ok, ok, so the buyer can report you to the police - but who cares - i have an escape plan for that (it involves running away to brazil and getting plastic surgery) - if you want details of that plan, you'll have to subscribe to my website and pay money - i'll give you all the details later honest: i'm creating a website about the whole idea - i'll post back here with a link (if i'm allowed) and before i get any moaners replying about showing bad people how to make money: please save it - we're in a recession, we all need money - it's a dog eat dog world out there - follow the example of paypal and don't give a **bleep** about the rest of the world (let alone it's loyal customers) would be great to hear what others say thanks! ! to summarise how to make money from paypal illegally using ebay: - sell a phone (a nice expensive one like an iphone) + say that it comes with a tasty bubble gum- let's assume you get £400 for the phone- make sure you insure the phone- send the phone without the bubble gum- the buyer will receive the phone but with no tasty bubble gum! - the buyer accepts the refund and dispute is closed- now here's the clever bit: call your phone operator and say your phone has been stolen (try crying and whinging on the phone to get sympathy) and make a claim through your insurance- the phone will be blocked and barred and will be unusable now!  i discovered how because i was the victim but hey: i plan to make money from the experience by creating a website dedicated to the story (and then selling the film rights for a million bucks) it's a long story, but very quickly: - i purchased a phone that was declared brand new!

10 Illegal Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

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