How to make money on android apps

How to make money through apps - , i have got a good idea for a app and i have seen many forums saying it should be made and i have great ideas, but that is it, i dont have a clue how to develop or anything that side of it, could you please contact me via email and give me advice, its my turn to make a app and become a millionaire, im very confident my idea will be a big hit possibly world wide, thanks. Even though i dont have an iphone (i have a mac and an android) , ive used this to download paid ios apps in case i get an iphone in the future (which is possible but for now, i save tons of money using a google nexus phone with a gsm prepaid plan for – less than half of what id pay for a contract iphone plan). , i have a great idea that can be a have super outcom, problem is just i don't know how to created apo whine to tell how to tell how to start working on it where to start i don't have much money i just have an idea a great idea of an awesome application pleas help me out. These templates save a lot of money, and they usually come with something a little bit extra – for example, a lot of our codes have instructions, image templates, ad libraries, video walkthroughs… the amount you'll learn from a cheap and easy starter project, will save you tons of time and thousands of dollars later on.