How to make money out of photography

How to make money out of photography - Think we're going to see more and more part-timers in the industry simply because they either can't make it as a full-timer or because they aren't willing to get serious about pricing or business and aren't ready to really do what it takes to charge what they need to charge to do this full-time. You can make by implementing this idea: if the question is how much money it's worth to get 20 shoots out of each client instead of just one shoot for each client, i think we can all see that this idea could be worth thousands of dollars and bring return customers for many years to come. Because there are more people doing it part time, where they don't need to make much of a profit in order to pay their bills, it's going to be harder and harder for people in the industry who do rely upon photography to pay their bills to do so. You do need to know that you're not going to pull in a ton of money doing this, so if you're not willing to live on a middle to lower-end income, you need to think seriously hard about if you want to keep doing it professionally.

10 Tips for Making Money with your Photography - PLP #198

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