How to make money pay per click

How to create a pay per click website - I have been darting all around the internet picking up small affiliate tidbits here and there, but wow ‘stack that money' forum really is full of great affiliate advice and experience from those making the dollars … that one link in this blog has finally put me onto some no-nonsense affiliate information, and well worth every dollar of the subscription, i have been reading the ‘stack that money' forum solid all weekend, thanks glen! . as i've read you were using a software of yours which you promoted , but it didn't get clear enough for me this – do you send the traffic to a landing page and collect email subscribers and from there use your thank you page as the money landing page or you send the traffic to a direct offer page , which you already own and wait for conversions ? My favourite comes from a guy in india who was making /day just a few months ago, and now he's making posts like this:I'm under no illusion that it's going to be easy money, but ppc campaigns are obviously far easier to duplicate than an entire blogging strategy or seeing how someone is ranking with seo in the same industry. .s if you have any ideas on how to monetize a black ops 2 fan page with 30k fans that doesn't involve spamming links to crappy clickbank game guides or amazon affiliate links then i'm all ears lol – like i said, i got good at cheap page likes a while ago – but unfortunately i wasn't thinking about monetization at the time.

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