How to make money teaching english online

How to make money teaching online - . make sure you have very good internet–just wifi isn't enough for many people (i had interviewed someone located in the philippines who seemed fairly competent, but his bandwidth was so low that i didn't continue with hiring). Last year, while looking for inspiration, i came across an english teaching blog for the first time and so discovered the possibility to create and save lesson plans on such a platform, which can then be easily accessed anywhere. Following is part of something i wrote on another forum a few months back:I would say for most people live online teaching is still just a way to supplement your income when you are teaching face-to-face. Through this page, i have connected with an amazing community of teachers (teaching online can at times be a little lonely) and to a vast quantity of excellent materials and resources.

Earn Money Online Teaching English

How to earn money online. Teaching English online using two different platforms. NiceTalk and VIPKID. NiceTalk: ...