How to make money uploading movies

Earn money uploading movies - For adsense approval just made a wordpress site then write about 10 post with an amount of 350-500 words then just apply to google for verification and during verification, don't stop to post daily it will help google to make sure that your site is a safe site, not a spam site i believe you will get approval within 3 days. To protect his identity we'll have to be vague about where he operates, but suffice to say he's one of the most prolific uploaders and linkers online today with a hundreds of thousands of links spread and 30,000 movies and tv shows uploaded. , not a bad payday considering the uploader didn't do a lick of work…well, unless you count uploading the films and, in profound bit of hubris, adding a customized “art cinema” graphic (below) to the opening credits of  the stolen films.  of course we'll also never know how much youtube/google makes on these illegal uploads since the company is notoriously opaque when it comes to providing specifics on its billions in advertising income.

How To Make Money On YoTube Uploading Movie & Movie Trailer

in this video i'm going to show you how to make money on youtube uploading movie and trailor.