How to make money with binary options trading

How to make money with binary trading - 've been reading up on this and it seems to me that a lot of sites that promote this stuff pretend they are doing it because they want to help others make money whereas in fact the real motive is that they are helping themselves make easy money from people on the promise of riches. Option is something have come to understand that it only takes those that have been into the trade for very long time to know the secret behind the trade, have also found out that brokers and they account manager don't disclose how they make their money they prefer you lose and they keep gaining. I am a old man trying to learn binary trading and i dont know where to get help to learn this, i have lost thousands trying and most platforms see me comming and just take me some have even kicked me out when i did win and did not even pay me my profits. My advice is to understand the fundamentals of the stocks you are trading and use the same techniques to buy options, the only difference, option is cheaper to buy but you only trade options on the money that will not affect your life if you have lost it.

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