How to make money with classified ads

Make money with classified ads website - Said that, lets get to the real meat of this review: if you are going to try to write classified ads for mail order, particularly two step mail order, this is an essential book you must read. Order consultant powers probes the power of the classified; from locating a money-making project and wording an ad to forming a strong business through an equally-strong ad which includes assessment of the competition. Is the only book of its type written by a true winner in classified ads and belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in using classfied ads in a mail order business. On tv infomercials in the early–mid 1990s, he claimed that by placing "tiny classified ads" in newspapers he was "able to make ,000 a week from [his] tiny one-bedroom apartment".

Making Money With Newspaper Classified Ads Paul Birdsall will show you exactly how to make money with newspaper classified ads.