How to make money with graphic design

How to make money in graphic design - On the analysis of 30 files submitted a month ago in the psd templates category, i can conclude that the worst-selling template ended up making for its owners, the best-selling between these made 0, so it's up to you to decide whether you want, or do not want to invest your time into stock graphics, and psd templates in specific. I new it would be hard to get a good job, and well, after 3 jobs as art director lost due to lack of clients at the agencies i worked at, i popped out on the unemployed market, no jobs as a designer to get anywhere due to a small town with small opportunities. Think expanding yourself word of mouth is the hardest thing to do when you want to start anything, designing has payed a phone bill for me, i practice digital printing, screenpress & designing but how would someone go about being able to ensure the client or should i say lure them into your services? I make steady money from blogging (both here at millo and for other bloggers who are willing to pay me), i make steady money from affiliate work, i make steady money from referring some clients to other designers, and i make steady money from many other little avenues of income.

How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

Thanks for watching! Making money as a designer can be a bit hit and miss sometimes! So here are some great ways to make ...