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How to make money on the internet in canada - My first small blog, big income e-book, i talk about how i guest posted weekly for a year for free on another writing website with a similar small audience to my own, just for the practice of learning how to serve another audience and write strong headlines and posts. Am also exploring the 7 lessons on how to get paid as a freelance writer but i have a little problem and can make good use of your help, i dont have a paypal account and most freelances site pay via paypal am from nigeria what should i do. Tice | make a living writing says:Well, don't know about them all, but i can confirm that i do pay a post on my blog… i'm booked up with guest posts probably to the end of the year, but looking for posts for 2013. If i send only pitches i think i´m in big disadvantage as a lot of people send pitches and i have currently no published articles in english language in the “lifestyle and general interest” field (that are the ones i´m writing right now).

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