How to make more money during residency

How to make extra money during residency - Want to congratulate you that your loan has been approve for transfer and you we receive it soon,but as i said in my previous mail the bank requires the transfer fee to enable it to be done,as you can see,the bank transfer charges is going to cost you the amount of 70 pounds,once you are in agreement to make the payment to get your loan transferred to you,you are to get back to us,so we could send you the information to send the money into ok. " i want anyone to dare tell me that i make too much for being called in at any random hour to come to the hospital to save a life from a heart attack, while exposing myself to the dangers of radiation, blood born illness and the possibility of being sued if something goes wrong and oh did i mention someone's life hangs in the balance? I have bad small motor function, can't do writing by hand except for signatures, can't reach my mouth or the back of my head, can't push or pull, can't lift more than a couple of pounds, have pieces break off the bone from time to time as the years go by which is excruciating. Physicians train for an immense duration of up to 13 years after college, often 33-35years old by the time they actually earn what people consider to be "doctor's salaries" (physicians earn about as much as a nurses in residency and training, maybe a little more in fellowships).