How to make more money than you need

How to earn more money than a 9 5 job - Men pay more taxes for these benefits they reap due to these women's sacrifices then that is as it should be in a caring society, men benefit because their children are being taken care of, which leaves them free to fully focus on themselves and their employment, but it would be just as much a burden on men if women didn't do all this unpaid work for them, and if they didn't then men would be forced to consider maintaining this care of their children themselves. An economics standpoint, i agree with the several other commenters that point out a company would go out of business if they could fire the men and truly hire ‘equal' workers for 16% less money… to refute or ignore that point is to suggest that business owners, top executives, and their shareholders, are somehow more loyal to having a dominant male workforce than earning profits… i don't know that sexism has ever or will ever trump greed…. Want to point out a problem with this argument when taken as a rebuttal of the original poster's argument:I read the original post as asserting that workplace equality between men and women already exists, one simply needs to know how to get the higher pay that one wants, and if one follows that recipe, whether man or woman, you will get the higher pay you seek. Plus what needs to happen is that men like yourself and all people for that matter should be more transparent when it comes to wages so everyone can know if they're being paid a fair wage, because i am sure that if women knew that joe across the hall was making more than she was for doing the same job she would request a higher wage.

T. L. Williams - Gettin Mo Money Than You

T. L. Williams Gettin Mo Money Than You The T. L. Williams Experience Dir: Sean Ace 2016 Chi-Sound Records ...